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We have programmes set up specifically for people with MS & families, providing peer support & social interaction. Strength, endurance, flexibility and balance are beneficial to people with MS. The exercise classes have been tailored to be challenging yet achievable, and to meet individual requirements. Peer Support Groups are a great way to meet people, share problems, find resources.  


9am - 10am

A blend of yoga and pilates run weekly by an experienced trainer at the MS society. 

Art Class

10am -12pm

For art enthusiasts! A weekly fun group providing mutual support, facilitated by an experienced artist at MS Society that comes in once a month. 

Support Groups

Once a Month

Lunch with our members within the regions. 

Massey PT Programme

Twice A Week

MS Clients work with Massey University students on an individualized programme to improve fitness and well-being, supervised by the students lecturer. This is run twice a week a Massey University. 

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